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We, at Iviter handle every single issue related to data recovery. The word impossible is not possible at IVITER. We are equipped with the world’s most experienced technicians, highly pro-active and well versed in the field of data recovery. We analyse the scenario and in most of the cases provide immediate answers. In case we require time we would explain the reason for it and provide answers at the earliest. We recover data from the following devices.

  • HDD
  • Smartphones
  • Flash drives
  • SD Cards
  • Camera
  • RAID / NAS


Jakub Krzysztofiak

I recommend IVITER services, which coped with the recovery of data from the company’s iPhone 6, completely damaged as a result of flooding. In the face of the lack of the ability to read data directly from the memory chips, the motherboard has been professionally resuscitated… [read more]

Zbigniew Sztabik

PIT – RADWAR S.A. SERVICE thanks and gives references IVITER Iwo Czerniawski for efficient and fast service. We recommend the above-mentioned Company as efficient and trustworthy. [read more]


Common damages

Some of the most common damages are caused by the presence of water or dust particles. Dropping the device down can lead to mechanical damage or breakage of electronic parts. Most importantly tampering of the device,problems with the controller or motherboard or misuse can lead to accidental or intentional data loss which relates to logical damage. Are you experiencing this ? Call Iviter! We are here to help you.

Liquid Damage

How would you settle a wet device? You can get it dry, dismantle it, and place it in a bowl for a couple of days… BUT after all that, consider the possibility that regardless it doesn’t work. The reason? Erosion. So what would you be able to do to recoup your photographs, recordings, instant messages, contacts and other information from a water harmed device? [read more]

High temp. Damage

Warm radiation is only the side-effect of electromagnetic development inside a huge number of circuits, and the inner obstruction it experiences – or to put it another way, power driving your device is the basic motivation behind why your device ends up hot. Call Iviter right away to recover your information. [read more]

Fall Damage

Our information recuperation engineers got to the base of the issue amid our assessment of the drive. The fizzled drive was enduring, as a matter of first importance, from a firmware issue. Before you can see anything on a drive, the read/compose makes a beeline for read and make a „handshake” with the firmware. [read more]

Logical Damage

Indeed, even with intelligent harm, for example, the unintentional cancellation of records or indexes, reformatting, running OS recuperation or document framework mistakes, a reboot can prompt deadly outcomes. As you work the PC the framework makes impermanent records and swap information. [read more]

Business Services in Iviter

Keep things simple!

We give direct answers to the clients without complicating things and we charge for only what the issue is. Remember, we complete a free diagnosis and run a complete check on the device to let you understand the condition of the drive and the importance of data on it.

Diversity : We have a vast ocean of knowledge with technicians from different educational backgrounds that can coordinate and fix any issue.

Packaging Services : We carry out an express mode service that enables you to retrieve data as quick as possible. We also welcome clients who can ship their devices to us.

Communication : Clients can expect immediate responses from our team who work around the clock and respond to client’s inquiries via email or telephone.

Iviter welcomes you!



The term crime scene investigation is characterized by the US Computer Emergency Response Team or ‚CERT’ as „the way toward utilizing logical learning for gathering, breaking down, and displaying confirmation to the courts.”

In spite of the fact that information recuperation methods are once in a while utilized as a part of PC crime scene investigation cases the two controls are extraordinarily unique. Being qualified as an information recuperation professional or architect does not really mean the individual is met all requirements to perform Computer Forensics.

CERT characterizes PC crime scene investigation in the accompanying way; „the teaching that joins components of law and software engineering to gather and examine information from PC frameworks, systems, remote interchanges, and capacity gadgets in a way that is allowable as confirmed in a courtroom.” With respect to cyber security, all representatives ought to have an essential comprehension of some crucial PC legal standards.

Work PCs, telephones, and tablets are generally subject to examination (disclosure) sooner or later, which requires the utilization of PC chronological systems. A few cases of where Computer Forensic strategies would utilize include:

  • Information ruptures (country, state or dark hacking)
  • Protected innovation (IP)
  • Robbery
  • Inside organization strategy examinations
  • Claims
  • Separation cases/Divorce


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