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Our experts are the finest

We provide efficient service in a very clean atmosphere with modern tools and techniques employed in the hands of well experienced technicians.Communication is the most focused characteristic for us. We value every single client as we understand the importance of protecting data and the panic that can occur when data is at risk. We always put ourselves in our client’s shoes. The things we carry out is very complicated but we always make sure we retrieve data with the highest quality. We are relatively a young organization in the field of data recovery but the experience if technician make us one of the best in the business. We are known to be one of the fastest and boldest team of technicians in the world. We are experts when it comes to HDD’s, SSD’s and RAID’s and on the other hand we can retrieve any data from damaged or non-functional devices like mobile phones, tablets etc.

We have a team of highly trained specialists who carry their assigned tasks. We have on board specialists in the field of optics, with great experience. We always offer a free diagnosis. Each repair is covered by warranty.

Our team is really highly trained with very high goals. More about us – book a time and find out who we are.

Our Organization

The administration is overseen by a mechanical specialist, previous executive of after-deals administration and administration in driving car brands. Our specialists experience an intense confirmation – it is sufficient to state that over twelve professionals and workers of the client benefit division have gone to our present group making up our administration. Our client benefit division, dissimilar to different sites, is comprised of specialized individuals with high information and an extensive variety of interests.

Our Achievements

As of now, our most prominent triumphs should incorporate the creation and improvement of an authority unit managing information recuperation – Iviter Data Recovery – an organization had practical experience in such a troublesome region could create in only a couple of years and prompt the express that it is a standout among the most unmistakable, in the meantime having presumably the vastest offer – in the field of investigation of PC media and also telephones. After this accomplishment, which was a solid section to the market with the offer of information recuperation – we trust that there are no inconceivable errands for us. If not us – it’s no one!


PHONE: 22 297 70 40
PHONE2: 731 153 969

ADDRESS: Dzielna 7A (MAP)
E-MAIL: info@iviter.pl

Call us and discuss your case, you don’t have to approach us for recuperation – however, we will readily check what should be possible for your situation. We welcome you for a free analysis and assessment of conceivable recovery.

The telephone is open 24 hours a day. Also on holidays and Sundays. Email or Call. We can help!