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Data Recovery

In the event that you’ve lost your basic business records, individual recollections, photographs, recordings, children’s homework, or some other important information, or you require computerized scientific aptitude in a criminal or common case, we can help. We give a Full Professional Data Recovery Service all through the world and past to clients going from Consumer End Users to IT Companies and Corporations and in addition Government Departments and Institutions.

We recover data from all media such as Hard drives, Memory cards, Pen drives, Tablets, etc.


Our goal is to give outstanding information recuperation administrations and exceptional esteem. We know how annihilating it can be to lose information and the amount of an antagonistic impact it can have on a man’s everyday life. This is the reason we aren’t just offering the most moderate information recuperation in the entire Universe, yet offers brisk turnaround times and an exceptional ordeal for every last one of our clients as well!

Out of Poland? Don’t worry you can ship your device to us. We will ship it back to you once we have the data recouped.

How to ship your hard drive

  • Ship just your hard drive.
  • Expelling a hard drive from a PC may require an extra charge.
  • Bundle your hard drive painstakingly.
  • Envelop your drive by a hostile to static material or cooler sack.
  • We suggest shipping it in the first producer’s bundling. Or on the other hand, utilize a durable layered cardboard box, doublethe measure of the drive.
  • Utilize substantial froth cushioning, bubble wrap and other against vibration materials.
  • Try not to utilize Styrofoam peanuts as they pull in friction based electricity.
  • Ensure the cushioning material is no less than two inches thick around the drive.
  • For water-harmed hard drives – Try not to dry it. Encase the drive and a clammy wipe in a fixed plastic sack (to keep it from drying out). Recuperation is more probable if specialists get the drive before it has dried
  • Sending controller sheets – More seasoned models require controllers with a specific end goal to recuperate information. Evacuate the controller, deliberatelyand wall it in an against static material to send with the drive

Call us at +48-22 290 41 14 or +48-570 820 933. We are more than happy to help you!


PHONE: 22 297 70 40
PHONE2: 731 153 969

Call us and discuss your case, you don’t have to approach us for recuperation – however, we will readily check what should be possible for your situation. We welcome you for a free analysis and assessment of conceivable recovery.

The telephone is open 24 hours a day. Also on holidays and Sundays. Email or Call. We can help!