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Raid / NAS Recovery

We represent considerable authority in the recuperation of a wide range of RAID cluster. For our standard administration we intend to acquire the conclusion on a fizzled RAID exhibit inside 3 working days (it will for the most part take a couple of days longer to exchange the information back to you).

Expenses are for the most part subject to the quantity of drives which must be repaired with a specific end goal to recover the information, and the intricacy of re-developing the RAID exhibit. Sometimes, for example, RAID-1 where the information is reflected, the cost is probably going to be the same concerning single hard drive recuperation since either drive might be recouped keeping in mind the end goal to acquire the full unique information. Be that as it may, for more unpredictable RAID game plans, for example, RAID-5, the cost is probably going to increment comprehensively in accordance with the quantity of drives associated with the RAID exhibit – an unpleasant rule for such cases would be £550 per hard drive, yet the cost for RAID recuperations relies upon the multifaceted nature and can be higher than this particularly in RAID-5 frameworks. We will give you a rule gauge on the off chance that you reach us with the points of interest, and will then give a firm statement to the recuperation once we have finished the diagnostics.

Similarly, as with every one of our recuperations, these costs are just charged where the recuperation is effective. On the off chance that the information can’t be recouped we charge a level expense of basic charge per hard drive. If you don’t mind get in touch with us in the event that you wish to talk about valuing of a specific RAID arrangement, or on the off chance that you require need recuperation of a RAID cluster or RAID server.

When shipping RAID gadgets to us, we prescribe that you incorporate the RAID controller alongside the drives. The information can be recuperated without this; however, it can facilitate the recuperation procedure. In the event that in any uncertainty please drop us an email with the subtle elements and we will hit you up rapidly.

With long periods of involvement in the information recuperation field and qualified specialists working all day and all night, Iviter Data Recovery has the specialized aptitude to deal with complex RAID recuperations. The procedure turns out to be significantly more convoluted when managing a bombed hard drive which is a piece of a RAID exhibit, and this is the reason it is vital for proficient, experienced masters to deal with the recuperation.


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