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Warsaw, 11/04/2017.


For IVITER company, ul. Dzielna 7a, 00-154 Warsaw, Iwo Czerniawski (IVITERDATA.COM)

I would like to express my heartfelt affection and great recognition in connection with the service, which was implemented by the IVITER company Iwo Czerniawski (Data Clinic) in Warsaw in April this year. This involved recovering data from a damaged WD Passport external drive. Despite the very extensive and complicated damage, the service was done with a whistle success. The data concerns very important scientific and organizational information related to activities of mine and my company, what is one of the 2 research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The repair, which turns out to be a technical challenge (several hundred thousand files), performed within just a few days on reasonable financial terms. Take into account the professionalism and commitment of the IVITER company lwo Czerniawski (Klinika Data) and completed a difficult and extremely important task for me and commissioned. I would like to thank Mr. Czerniawski and by him for help, but such with deep conviction will recommend this service companies to other people and entities in need.

Warsaw, 04/04/2017.


JEWISH HISTORICAL INSTITUTE honors and gives references to IVITER Iwo Czerniawski for fast service support. We recommend this firm; IVITER Iwo Czerniawski as a proven, trustworthy partner, who quickly and efficiently performs; from duties entrusted.

Jewish Historical Institute

Warsaw, 19/04/2017.


for IVITER Iwo Czerniawski –  IVITERDATA.COM in Warsaw, ul. Dzielna 7A,

I made a service to recover the data contained in the memory of the damaged pen drive. The memory contains technical and scientific materials essential for effective pursuit of occupations technical and research work carried out at the Institute of Radio electronics and Technique Multimedia University of Technology. IVITER Iwo Czemiawski – Data Clinic has 20 employees experienced in the field of data recovery and perform the task professionally.  It was carried out reliably after thorough examination of the problem and examination of probabilities Lossless data reading. Data from the pen drive was recovered in its entirety.

Warsaw, 17.07.2017.


We wish to express positive here; on IVITER company, especially Mr. lwo Czerniawski (IVITERDATA.COM) ul. Dzielna 7. 00-154 Warsaw for quick help when repairing an external drive. The device had a mechanical failure. Thanks that the custodian of our Museum who has repaired can continue his work copyright. ‚


Museum of Warsaw


Warsaw, 18/12/2015.


New IT Włodzimierz Kawecki

Thank you IVITER Iwo Czerniawski (IVITERDATA.COM) for recovery data from my hard drive. The disk had a malfunction firmware, as a result of which access to the user area will be lost. Thanks efficient intervention will recover all data. I would highly recommend services of the company. As a former commercial director of Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. I know very well how precious can be the customer data.

Włodzimierz Kawecki

Warsaw, 24/02/2016.



for IVITER Iwo Czerniawski – I recommend the IVITER Iwo Czerniawski (IVITERDATA.COM) service, which specializes in recovery of computer data. People who lost their data can count on substantial and reliable help here.  Professional employees are characterized by professionalism. In case of damaged arrivals drive gentlemen operate, efficiently, competently and at the same time very calmly. My data were almost completely recovered. The success would be impossible without the help of IVITER. I need to thank you for help and kindly recommend.

Warsaw, 25.06.2017.



We recommend IVITER (IVITERDATA.COM) services in matters of recovery data from damaged HDD discs. The company IVITER will find out professionalism and thanks to quick response, data has been recovered and operation flowing back to normal. We count on continuing cooperation on the accident of subsequent disk failures.

Warsaw, 20.06.2017.


For IVITER Iwo Czerniawski

I recommend IVITER services who can handle the recovery of data from iPhone 6 completely damaged due to flooding. In the face of lack the ability to read data directly, one from the memory was done in a professional the method of resuscitation of the main pivot.

Warsaw, 24/02/2016.


I’m heading to the achievement of the Data Hospital – IVITER Iwo Czemiawski for professional help and recovery of computer data lost as a result of a disk failure.

Warsaw, 18/04/2017.


PIT- RADWAR S.A. THE SERVICE buys and gives references IVITER Iwo Czerniawski for efficient and fast service assistance. We recommend the above company as efficient and trustworthy.

Warsaw, 09/06/2017.



In May this year we commissioned Iviter to perform the disk recovery service hybrid SSHD. The Data Clinic staff efficiently and timely dealt with complicated damage hybrid disk SSHD and in very short time they regained lost data. Both the fault diagnosis and the data recovery process are performed very smoothly. employees Iviter Iwo Czerniawski – Data Clinic showed professional knowledge and expertise. It should be emphasized that cooperation takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and with a full understanding of customer needs.

Warsaw, 05/06/2017.

UNIVERSITY OF LAZARSKI – Cemrum Kszlalcenia Postgraduate – Postgraduate studies – Organizing and Governing Oéwial – ut. swlmdomu 43. 02-652 Mnuwn



I have the honor to inform you that the Iviter Data (IVITER IWO CZERNlAWSKI)  in Warsaw, ul. Dzielna 7, providing services in the field of computer hardware servicing, electronic, peripheral devices, software and active equipment network, telephone devices, it performs its tasks very much professionally. Using the service, the power, the companies, the reasons for it many times to effectively solve technical problems, including in terms of data recovery. Taking into account reliability, timeliness, commitment and the competences of the owner and other contributors, I can recommend using from the services of the Iviter Data (IVITER IWO CZERNIAWSKI) in Warsaw. Iviter data company – lwo Czerniawski performed for the Center of Graduate Education -Postgraduate Studies Organization and Management of the Oliwa – Lazarski University in Warsaw, a comprehensive service regarding consultancy and professional assistance in the field recovering data from damaged telephone hardware. All mine suggestions, recommendations were taken with attention and we promptly report them settled with. Bearing in mind the experience of the IVITER lwo Czerniawski (IVITERDATA.COM) in Warsaw, recommends the above listed company as a reliable and reliable partner in the scope of performing computer hardware and peripherals service.


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